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    Cataract Gorge Tamar River Launcestion

    contributed by Bluedog, taken in October 1994
    (contact Bluedog about this picture)

    Cataract Gorge Reserve, known locally as The Gorge, is a unique natural formation within a two-minute drive of central Launceston - a rare natural phenomenon in any city.

    In an easy 15 minutes, you can walk from central Launceston along the banks of the Tamar River into the Gorge and from there follow a pathway originally built in the 1890s along the cliff face looking down onto the South Esk River. The First Basin on the southern side has a cafe and a swimming pool surrounded by bushland knows to locals as Launceston's beach.

    In contrast, the shady northern side, named the Cliff Grounds, is a Victorian garden created with ferns and exotic plants.

    The beautiful Kings Bridge over the Gorge was floated into place in 1867. With a kiosk, restaurant and swimming pool, rolling lawns and a rotunda, a footbridge and a chairlift across the river, as well as peacocks, and wallabies at dusk, this may be Australia's most alluring urban reserve. And entrance is FREE.

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