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    Greenethorpe Railway station

    contributed by Bluedog, taken on 7 August 2014
    (contact Bluedog about this picture | see more pictures from Bluedog - open in new window)

    Greenethorpe is a purpose-built town, established in 1908 to house sharefarmers who worked on Iandra, the nearby pastoral station owned by George Henry Greene. The village, built adjacent to a rail siding on the Grenfell railway line, was originally named Iandra Siding but to avoid confusion between the pastoral station and the train station, the Post Office agreed to change the name to Greenthorpe The sharefarming system began in 1892 and a rail siding constructed in 1903.[2] In the early years of the twentieth century, Iandra set a record for the largest ever yield of wheat from a single property, and by 1911 there were fifty sharefarmers. My grand father was one of the sharefarmers, for 5 years in the 1890s James lived on the IANDRA a share farmer.

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